KRAXFACTS are meant to be a short synopsis of the intended subject which can also help to provide context for related discussion. Going forward we will use this title  whenever we write about anything from; events in history, concepts or ideas, people, places and things.  Our goal is to provide our readers with a quick summary, given the topic, of the important facts and implications.  We hope that you will contribute by adding any additional information and joining the conversation in the comments section.  Thank you.


The Korean War (1950-1953)

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Financial Audit – The Plight of the Auditor

Who are the Palestinians?


Part 1: Ancient History

Part 2: Evolution of the Inhabitants

Part 3: Nationalist Inklings

Part 4: Modernity and Change

– Part 5: Nationalism and Revolt

– Part 6: World War and Three Years

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