Krax in Logic is a blog devoted to finding inconsistencies in the world and bringing them to peoples attention. The topics of our discussions will range from politics, to history, to technology to culture, leaving almost everything on the table. We encourage comments on our posts, even if or especially if, you disagree with us. When doing so, please try to follow these guidelines:

1) Personal attacks are the weakest form of argument. Should you choose to use them, please understand that it will  reflect poorly upon your own argument. 

2) Please respond directly to questions/statements asked by your fellow commenters or ourselves. No skirting issues.

3) Whenever possible, be able to back up your facts with sources. Sourced information is always regarded more highly. 

4) Be a gentleman/lady

Josh Lax is a political science graduate from the University of Western Ontario. He spent two years working in private equity as an analyst. He has returned to the University of Western Ontario to continue his studies in political science at his alma mater to obtain his masters degree.

Michael Kravshik is a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business, and a Chartered Accountant. Michael has worked at a big four accounting firm as an external auditor and at an independent risk management consulting firm. Michael has returned to school at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs to obtain his masters degree with a specialization in Conflict Analysis and a regional focus on the Middle East. Follow him on twitter @mkay_33

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This is our opinion. What’s yours?

Whats your opinion?

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